"Trees are poems that the earth writes to the sky."

(Khalil Gibran)

For the own decision
- Against the compulsory cemetery

Our goal is nothing less than a revolution in the funeral industry, to give death a tangible and communicable individual and social meaning, and thus to open up the possibility for each and every one of us to make an important contribution to saving our planet.
There is a growing need among many people for new, individual, dignified and affordable forms of burial for themselves and their loved ones. However, burying people's ashes on private land in Germany is still virtually impossible from a legal point of view. Although there are exceptions in many federal states, these are hardly ever applied because the procedure is too complex and the current legal situation is too established.
The grief for a beloved pet can be just as great as that for a person. From them can grow a living memory that gives comfort and strength to their owners.
EVERTREE creates living memories for people and animals.

Child at forest

If we let the forest die, words lose their meaning.

(Günther Grass)

Our goal:
Plant 1,000,000 trees

With EVERTREE® we go one step further: It is our goal to create our own parks and forests with EVERTREE®. At the same time, EVERTREE® makes a decisive contribution to protecting against climate change: trees as elixirs of life and life savers. It is not without reason that trees are among the most powerful and impressive creations of living nature.
According to various studies, nothing can combat climate change as effectively as planting trees. Planting trees has the potential to absorb two-thirds of the climate-damaging CO2 emissions produced by humans to date, according to researchers at the Zurich University of Technology.
By planting an EVERTREE® for a small part of our loved ones, we are not only creating dignified memorials, but we are also making an important and meaningful contribution to a better world- for all generations to come.
To this end, we have set ourselves the big goal of planting one million trees worldwide, together with partners such as environmental organizations, committed companies and people who believe in the EVERTREE® idea.


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