Our rules for harmonious communication

Welcome to our website. Thank you for being here and for your interest in EVERTREE®.
Here, on our website and also on our social media channels, we would like to talk about EVERTREE® and everything that has to do with EVERTREE®. We want to inform you about EVERTREE®, keep you up to date about news and from time to time just share beautiful pictures of trees, forests, of animals and people for and with you.
But also you should have the possibility to exchange experiences, to give and receive consolation. To support each other, to remember together.
We want a dialogue on our site, not a monologue, so write us, answer us, send us beautiful, but also sad memories, experiences, experiences in the form of pictures and / or videos.
Show us and everyone how your EVERTREE® grows and what joy it gives you. Ask us and others for help, should there be problems for any reason.
You are invited to discuss with us in a lively and sometimes controversial way. We are happy about praise, but also about criticism, as long as it is formulated constructively and appropriately.
This is only possible if we follow a few simple rules for writing comments and postings:
Please discuss factually and stay friendly.
- If you express criticism, we would be happy if it is constructive and well-founded.
- After all, we want to learn and not be offended.
- Everything you publish on our site should be legally protected. Please respect the copyright.
- Please also respect the personal rights of your fellow human beings when you post photos.
EVERTREE stands for life, love, comfort, beautiful memories of loved ones and animals, support, listening and joy of memories and that is what our site stands for. The most important thing for us is that everyone who visits our site feels comfortable on it, likes to stay there and that they do not have to be afraid to communicate, openly show feelings and seek comfort. In order to create the appropriate space for this, we would like to ask you to abide by our rules.
Our first rule is therefore: Be considerate of the feelings that people reveal here. We will protect these people and their feelings and immediately delete without discussion any comment that seems disrespectful, hurtful and inappropriate and block the authors.
In addition, we expressly do not tolerate discrimination and defamation of people (groups) just because they: Have a different religion, a different nationality, a different physical condition, a different sexual identity, a different gender, a different social status or a different origin.
Likewise, we do not accept on our site: Insults, offenses against the people or defamation of honor.
We do not tolerate pornographic, inflammatory, youth-endangering or even criminal statements. We will not release these, but will hide or remove them.
We reserve the right to report certain cases, such as threats of dangerous bodily harm or the approval of crimes that have not yet been committed, to the relevant authorities without delay.We reserve the right to file a complaint at any time if a criminal offense has been committed. Anyone who publicly insults others on the net can be punished with up to two years imprisonment instead of one (§ 185 StGB).
We will check linked content from external websites and remove the URL or the entire comment if necessary.
Please do not use our site for commercial messages, election or party advertising, calls for demonstrations, campaigns and petitions. We will remove such posts as well.
Unsubstantiated theories or unsubstantiated claims and suspicions may also be removed, especially if they are defamatory or damaging to business. Comments that have been generated automatically/machine-generated (especially bots) or are obviously part of a campaign (shitstorms) can also be removed or their senders blocked.
We would like to give you a hint on our own behalf, as it is very close to our hearts:
With our EVERTREE urn we advocate, promote and support cremation, i.e. the cremation of deceased animals and humans. We are aware that there are people who reject and disapprove of this form of burial for various reasons. We accept that, of course, no question about it. Please also accept that we and others see it differently and therefore we will not have any fundamental discussions about this form of burial.
Thank you very much and now we wish you much joy on our site.


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