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The most important questions about the EVERTREE® human urn answered

The human urn can only be obtained through funeral directors.
Funeral directors can purchase the urn through us.

The ashes can be placed by the crematorium in an ash capsule or ash bag.
It is important that both the capsule and the bag must be biodegradable, otherwise the root system of the plant cannot grow through the ash.

Of course, this depends on the nature of the soil, as well as the composition of the soil, the humidity and the temperature. Overall, however, it can be said that the urn decomposes completely after about 12 months.
Our EVERTREE urn is made of a bioplastic granulate which is produced from a coconut fiber mixture. This material, the idea of bioplastic granules with all its properties, is fundamental for our EVERTREE urn.
One of the many advantages of this material is that the biodegradability of the material used is already certified and can replace fossil plastics up to 100% with materials made from renewable resources. So we don't have to mine any resources to make our EVERTREE urn.

For burial in a cemetery, we recommend a sapling that has already been grown, as it will be exposed to the natural elements without protection. Your are free to choose any tree species, but you should pay attention to the conditions in your region and, if necessary, seek advice from a gardener.
The little tree can be purchased from us or a local gardening or tree gardening.
We recommend that you buy the sapling at a local nursery or tree farm. So you can be sure that the variety is suitable for your region and avoid possible damage to the plant from deliveries.

There is a wide range of grave plants suitable for an EVERTREE interment. It is important that they are so-called deep or taproots, as the roots of these plants reach the depth to grow through the ashes in the EVERTREE urn.
Find out beforehand about the specifications of your cemetery, for grave planting, or ask your funeral director/funeral director to inform you about this. In some cases, for example, the height of growth of the planting is prescribed.
We have put together a selection of plants for you that you can purchase at your local nursery or in online stores. Of course, this also applies to all plants.
We recommend that you buy the sapling at a local nursery or tree farm. So you can be sure that the variety is suitable for your region and avoid possible damage to the plant from deliveries.

Of course you can use plant seeds. Just make sure that the plant is also suitable for the region where you want to plant your EVERTREE.
For the cemetery we recommend a grown little tree.

It depends on which type of funeral is chosen or which form of EVERTREE funeral is permitted in the chosen cemetery.
In the case of a tree funeral in a cemetery with the appropriate approval, the urn is buried normally. The urn grave must be 30-32 cm deep in total. (Size of the urn + 1-2 cm of earth above the urn).
In the case of an urn grave funeral, the urn is also buried normally. However, the plant is not buried in the urn here, as the burial depth does not allow for this. Instead, the plant is planted in a separate ceremony on the grave above the urn.
EVERTREE funerals in urn graves and with grave plants are possible at every cemetery.
EVERTREE funerals with large trees are basically feasible at any cemetery. The respective cemetery statutes only have to allow this. Currently this is the case at the cemeteries of the municipality Selfkant.
If you would like to have an EVERTREE funeral with a tree, please contact your cemetery administration and introduce EVERTREE to them. We will be happy to help with our expertise and information material.
This varies from funeral director to funeral director. Depending on what he offers and what other services are included and used. Let your funeral director advise you in this regard.
If the cemetery allows it, it is possible in principle. However, the cemetery must then also permit EVERTREE funerals in the cemetery.
In order to make EVERTREE funerals with trees in the cemetery possible, firstly the period of rest and secondly the burial depth of the urn must be adjusted.
In Germany unfortunately, no. In Germany, there is not only a funeral obligation, but also a cemetery obligation. The urn may therefore only be buried in a cemetery, which ist why the human urn can only be obtained from the morticians.
Every conversation with the municipalities, the cemeteries and the administrations help us on this way! We will support you in the talks and negotiations.
On our Social Media channels, we'll take you along for the ride. Feel free to share our content and help us reach even more people with EVERTREE.

Depending on the statutes, watering and maintenance is the responsibility of the relatives. Depending on the time of the year, this may mean a little more maintenance work at the beginning. Maintenance sections are usually carried out by the construction depot of the cities and municipalities.
Some cemeteries also offer a maintenance service.

Of course, unfortunately, it can always happen that the seeds do not germinate for various reasons. This is nature, which thank God, we do not have under control.
First of all, please do not despair. If it should happen that the tree does not grow, please contact the responsible cemetery gardener directly or also gladly us. We will then try to solve the problem together.

The urn is about 28,5 cm big.
Yes, the urn can be buried at any time of the year.
However, the plant growth of the tree is very variable. We recommend to purchase a grown plant. This way, a plant would already be visible during the funeral service and it is much more resistant than seeds, which still have to grow.
We have also buried a cherry tree in November - the flowering time comes in early January, but the urn could be buried with the tree.
We do not offer cremation ourselves. As with other types of funerals, cremation is handled by the respective funeral director.
Here the same applies as with the cemeteries: The statutes must allow it or the cemetery forest must agree.
Just ask the cemetery of your choice and introduce them to EVERTREE.

The urn grave should be about 30-32 cm deep. (The size of the urn + about 2 cm earth above the urn)


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