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From teaching to design a grave that values the deceased and gives energy to the descendants.

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"The goal in Feng Shui is always to create harmony - in the realm of the living, but also in the realm of the deceased. Since we all have our bodies from the mother earth, it is only right that we go back there as naturally as possible."

Maren Frentrup
Managing Director of White Dragon Feng Shui
For many people, Feng Shui is a term associated with people's rooms and houses. However, the doctrine of the relationship between man and nature can also be applied to pets, plants and burial grounds!
Feng Shui divides itself once again into Yin and Yang. Yang stands for life and thus for the living and Yin for the souls, i.e. the dead.
Classical Feng Shui honors its ancestors, at least 50% of which merge with the environment. The ancestral energy flows back into the earth, nourishing the living, and the living pass on the good energy to their descendants. Thus, even in the times of the emperors, magnificent tombs were created so that ancestral good fortune could flow to the descendants living at the moment.

Feng Shui as a part of an EVERTREE tree funeral

Unlike a body burial, which can be buried aligned according to certain criteria, the ashes have passed completely into the element of earth. The yin remains, Feng Shui is used with deceased so that the energy of the ancestors is again happily absorbed into the earth and returned to the mother earth accordingly. The better this succeeds, the more fluidly the ancestors can "go" and make their energy available to the descendants.
The fire (cremation) here can be a kind of detachment and purification.
Fire amplifies any energy - good and negative.

Every person and every animal - whether deceased or not - has his own cardinal points. With an appropriate "face" of the urn, it can be buried in this very direction.
Plants are unfortunately constantly overlooked in Feng Shui. However, since each plant can be assigned to certain energetic characteristics, energies and Ying/Yang, a certain tree would be suggestable for a certain person or animal.
According to this teaching, the most fitting relationship between the deceased and a tree species would be determined so that the perfect EVERTREE, the perfect living memory can arise.
As an example: the oak would be more Yang, the red maple more Yin, red corresponds to the element of fire, the green of the oak to the element of wood.
The 5 animals also belong to the landscape school, with the yellow snake symbolizing the deceased himself. So depending on the gravesite, it would be possible here to symbolize the animals (tiger, turtle, dragon, phoenix) on a small scale (through stones or ramparts).
This is to keep the power of the ancestors centered there, so that the relatives can find a place of strength and confidence for themselves. This power would nourish the tree accordingly.
Each deceased can be assigned to a power-giving element according to its Kua number. For example, an earth color for a deceased person who belongs to the element earth. This would create a close relationship with the deceased person and the final resting place of the deceased would be in connection with his element.
In total, there are 5 elements (fire, water, earth, metal and wood) that have different color palettes. The appropriate color could be represented in an EVERTREE burial by the felt bands and or by the fruits and flowers of the chosen tree.
Based on the date of birth of the deceased person or animal, White Dragon Feng Shui will determine the Kua number, the element, the best celestial direction, the color(s), the face and the appropriate tree and summarized in a paper, which you will receive as a PDF file by mail.
With the help of these determined elements you can plan and carry out an EVERTREE burial suitable for the deceased person or animal in the sense of Feng Shui.
If you wish a Feng Shui EVERTREE funeral, write us a short e-mail, in which you send us the following form filled out. The processing time for your paper is 72 hours (working days).
You are also welcome to make the request through your funeral director. Together with him or her you can implement the results at the funeral.
Price per paper: 30 € zzgl. MwSt.
Maren Frentrup
Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Fast contact: 0151 - 28 133 424
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