Life grows from the root of love to the canopy full of memories.

(Melissa Hohnke)

Important: The EVERTREE-Human urn can only be purchased by registered morticians via our store.
The reason for this is the German cemetery obligation to which all types of burial are subject. Interested persons and relatives can arrange an EVERTREE burial through their funeral director.
To register with us as a mortician, please first create a customer account and then contact us personally:
+49 (0) 211 569264 -36


"Parting is the birth of memory."

(Salvador Dali)

The EVERTREE® human urn

From the very beginning, our goal at EVERTREE has been to provide every person with the new, individual, dignified and affordable form of burial they desire. With our new human urn, we have come a big step closer to achieving this goal, and with this alternative burial option, we offer a new perspective for those affected, their relatives, local authorities and cemeteries.
The EVERTREE burial method prevents migration to cemetery forests, people can be buried close to home, cemeteries fulfill the goals of climate protection, create new ecosystems, use fallow land and avoid additional effort and costs.

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The most important at a glance

For morticians

The urn is buried in the same way as other urn burials. The only difference is the depth of the urn grave. The urn can be buried with tree seeds or already grown little trees, and all types of trees are available to you. However, when choosing, you should pay attention to whether the tree is suitable for your region. You can obtain the tree seeds or the grown saplings from us or from a nursery or tree nursery in your community.
In order to have an EVERTREE burial in a cemetery, the cemetery bylaws must allow it. For approval, only the specifications for urn burial depth and the period of rest must be adjusted. We will be happy to support you at any time in discussions with cemetery administrators with our expertise and information material. A copy of the cemetery statutes of the municipality Selfkant, from which you can see the small changes for the approval of EVERTREEs, can be downloaded here as a PDF:

Precise answers to your questions about the urn, its burial and admission to the cemeteries can be found our FAQs or contact directly - we will be happy to help you.

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For interested & relatives

In Germany, burial with the EVERTREE Human Urn is subject to the cemetery obligation, just like other types of burial, which is why the urn can only be sold to and purchased through funeral directors. The planning and realization of the burial will then take place in the same way as with conventional burial methods.
If you would like an EVERTREE burial, please contact your local funeral director.
Exact answers to your questions about the urn, its burial and admission to the cemeteries can be found our FAQs or contact directly - we will be happy to help you.


"The strongest trees grow under the most difficult conditions."

(J. Willard Marriott)

The cooperation of EVERTREE, funeral directors and cemetery administrators has shown that Germany has the possibility to offer an alternative tree burial to society. Since July 2022, burials with EVERTREE human urns have been carried out for the first time in cemeteries in Germany. The positive feedback from relatives shows that they are very happy about the possibility of this type of tree burial, which allows them to fulfill the last wish of their deceased family member:

"A really meaningful and great form of burial. I have never seen such a beautiful burial."

Humen urn inhumation
Human urn with banderole
Human urn with banderole
Handmade richtig

The Human urn

The components of the EVERTREE®-Human urn

We have remained true to ourselves in the production of the Human Urn and have been able to manufacture the urn CO2-free thanks to our great partner Mankeplast. As before, the materials, production, packaging and logistics are all designed to contribute to climate protection. The bioplastic granulate we use, which does not deplete any resources, is 100% biodegradable and makes each EVERTREE urn unique with its different grain and fiber orientation.
The lower vessel is designed for ashes (3.5 liter capacity). The ashes can be placed with an ash bag or an ash capsule. The bottom is open to allow the roots to sprout and at the same time is covered with a fleece from the loss of the ashes.
The middle container is for the soil, roots and plant. An opening in the bottom allows the roots to grow up to the ash and then through it.
An upper ring protects the plant.
A ribbon with custom embroidery can be placed between the center jar and the ring, if desired. This is also 100% biodegradable.

EVERTREE Humanurne ohne Banderole


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