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made with love and care: Our EVERTREE®-urn

From the first idea in March 2017, to the prototypes we assembled ourselves in the garage, to the first finished urn in October 2019, it has been a journey of years. A path full of challenges, inspiring moments, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, deep doubts and even greater confidence and belief in EVERTREE®.
Not only the urn itself is and was important to us - from the beginning we also attached great importance to finding a partner who could produce our EVERTREE® urn as CO2-free as possible in Germany. After all, what good would it do us to plant trees for climate protection if, on the other hand, we already put a heavy burden on the environment with production and logistics?
The search for a suitable, 100% biodegradable material also proved to be extremely difficult. After worldwide research, we finally found this in Germany as well: a bioplastic granulate made from a coconut fiber mixture. This material with all its positive properties is fundamental for our EVERTREE® urns. Among other things, it makes our EVERTREE® urns so new and unique, because EVERTREE® is one of the first products worldwide to be made from this material.

Handmade richtig
Every single EVERTREE® urn with its different grain and fiber orientation is unique and can be additionally individualized by an engraving according to your wishes.
Before we ship your EVERTREE® urn to you, it will be lovingly re-sanded by hand to achieve an even more perfect look and then also hand-packed, inspected and individually provided with your desired tree seeds.
The packaging materials used are of course also made from naturally renewable raw materials.

The components of the EVERTREE® urn

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The lower vessel is intended for the ash; the bottom is open so that the roots can strike out and at the same time is covered with a fleece from the loss of ash.
The middle vessel contains the already pre-fertilized soil.
An upper ring protects the tree seed. The desired tree variety can be selected when ordering.
The choices are: Wild apple, copper beech, mountain ash, black locust and spruce.
All components of the urn decompose completely in moist soil.
The EVERTREE® package in Germany and Europe includes all listed accessories. Worldwide, the EVERTREE® urn is delivered without soil and seeds due to import restrictions.

Evertree urn parts


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