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The minds and hearts
behind EVERTREE®

EVERTREE Christian Scherg
"The thought that every farewell is also a new beginning and that we already go through many transformations on our journey through different stages of life, with and from which we grow, inspired me to create EVERTREE®.
Each EVERTREE® planted in the empty space left by a deceased person, making an important contribution to the health of the individual and our environment, fills me with deep happiness."
EVERTREE Andreas Hohnke
"With EVERTREE®, I want to take on the responsibility and challenge of leaving a better and more livable world for my son and all generations that follow after us.
Creating living memories, giving people comfort and taking away the finality of passing away is what drives me every day to invest my time and heart and soul in EVERTREE®.
EVERTREE Helena Hohnke
"I love nature and even more I love walking through forests. Trees and forests are a gift and an asset worth protecting, which I would like to preserve at all costs with EVERTREE®.
By the way, I would like to be planted as an EVERTREE® on the banks of the Rhine in my home town of Düsseldorf-Heerdt, overlooking the Rhine, forever."
Seedling of the idea

A world full of EVERTREES®

I am still just a small seed in a large urn and I look just like thousands of other small
seeds. But if you want, I will flourish in the ashes of your loved one and grow into a large and beautiful tree.
When you plant me in the soil, when you cultivate and care for me, then I will be unique
for you. Unique in the whole world – like your loved one, who lives on inside me.
(Christian Scherg)

The idea for EVERTREE® was born a few years ago when we, the founders Christian Scherg, Helena and Andreas Hohnke were sitting in Andreas' garden. We were philosophizing about life and death under the walnut tree that Andreas and Helena's father had planted.
Helena's and Andreas' father had died shortly before and Andreas told how much he loved this tree because it reminded him of his father every day. We sat there in silence, looked up into the tree, and suddenly it was there: the idea that a living memory in the form of a tree should grow from the ashes of the deceased.
Immediately after that, an intensive worldwide research for already existing products began - but the little we could find in this direction did not correspond to our ideas, so we decided to create an urn ourselves according to our own ideas. The first prototypes were created by hand together after work in Andrea's garage.
In the course of time, the models became more and more sophisticated and concrete and when we finally found the suitable bio-material, we finally held it in our hands: Our EVERTREE® urn.


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