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Robinia pseudacacia (Robinia)

The Robinia, also known as the false acacia or silverrain, originated in north America. This tree is known to be common in Europe for over one hundred years. The Robinia can reach an height anywhere between 12 to 30 meters, and is topped off by an loose round crown.
One peculiarity of the Robinia is it’s ability to let it’s leaves hang down, in case it is exposed to higher temperatures. So in case you are worried about the health of your Tree, there is no cause for concern if you observe this behavior.
After about 6 years the Robinia develops beautiful butterfly-blossoms, which appear every year between June and may and have a faint bergamot scent. Insects love these blooms, fort hey are rich with nectar.
Though the Robinia prefers sunshine, it can also grow comfortably in halfshadowed locations. Soil is also an subject in which the Robinia is know to be very uncomplicated and content with simplicity. Once the Robinia is grown to it’s fullest potential, it develops the ability to bind nitrogen, thus fertilizing itself, which makes it an very undemanding tree.
A beautiful tree from which to grow your memories.

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