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Remembering with dignity

We would like to comfort people! Right from the outset, this motivation is an integral part of our whole idea of the EVERTREE urn that is very, very important for us. This is what enables us to help people to deal with a loss, with sadness and pain, to be able to bear this and to not be alone. For people to find acceptance, to sense understanding and to know that they are not alone with their feelings.

In our community, it is precisely this comfort which we wish to give people.

We would like to give you the opportunity to communicate, to say farewell, to remember, to share your loss and also to help others.

Share your memories with us, immortalise what you love and miss and allow other people to support you. Help other people, too, because helping is the best way of dealing with your own grief.

Soon, there will be space and an appropriate platform here for this purpose.

We ask you to please be patient here.

We are now already looking forward to getting to know you.






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