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EVERTREE – seeds of the idea

EVERTREE was born as the founders, Christian Scherg and Andreas Hohnke talked to each other about death in Andreas’s garden. Andreas’s father had recently died, and Christian – together with his sad children – were facing the challenge of coming to terms with the death of their beloved family dog.

As they sat beneath the walnut tree, which he and his brothers and sisters had once given to their father as a present, Andreas explained that this tree had always given him comfort and strength.

They paused for a long time and looked up into the treetop as golden sunlight flickered through its green leaves. The idea was born that a living tree would grow out of the ashes.

Then, a worldwide search began for something that could put this idea into practice – but the little that they found in this direction did not live up to their expectations in terms of quality and value, so they decided to create an urn according to their own ideal: The EVERTREE urn.







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